DIY Projects for Mother’s Day

First of all, these DIY projects I’ve got are not really “Mother’s Day” themed. Which really means they are DIY for ANY day. But most importantly, these are some REALLY Cute DIY ideas that I may or may not use Mother’s Day as a dead line to complete.

1. Painted Jars

I’ve seen these painted jars ALL over the place. Do you know what’s the ONLY thing that’s stopping me painting my jars?

Getting the labels OFF.

I sure will be spending some time researching how to get ’em off before coating them in colour. If you’ve already overcome that hurdle and you’re looking to colour some jars, check out Diary of a Mod Housewife.

2. Handmade Clay Pots

I can’t believe I didn’t think of this! Considering I’m so good with plants. (NOT!)

Thankfully, Liz Stanley from Say Yes To Hoboken kindly posted the process for y’all to see.

Don’t worry, it’s so easy even I can do it.

3. Geometric Favor Boxes

I can so see this replace the Fortune Cookies in the imaginary dinners that I host. Just hop over to Ruffled, download the template, print it out some very colourful paper and start making!


4 thoughts on “DIY Projects for Mother’s Day

  1. Just soak your jars overnight and scrub with steel wool. They’ll come right off!
    I just did a DIY mpthers day project with candles and the paint i used covered the labels quite well, because I didn’t bother peeling it all the way off..

    1. Thanks!!! I’ll give soaking the jar ago.
      I was kinda hoping someone will say there is this magic fairy dust you can sprinkle on your label and it will just come right off.
      I’m not stupid I’m just really lazy.

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