Michael Fassbender: The U-Man

I’m not sure if this man needs intro. He’s the new Ubiquitous Man.

From memory Sam Worthington was the last U-Man but starring in 4 different movies at the SAME TIME is CLEARLY very draining.

You might have saw him in Inglourious Basterds; or you might have saw him X-Men First Class. But did you know, that he was also in Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Methods, Shame, Prometheus? By the way, they were all within these 2 years.

And few weeks ago I was watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot. Guess who popped up on screen? That was in 2006.

So he’s officially the U-Man.

1. Black Tee {ASOS}; 2. “PISA” Brogues {Topman}; 3. Classic Career Pants {Forever 21}; 4. Watch {NeedSupply}; 5. Rolltop In Black {NeedSupply}.


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