Carla Bruni Sarkozy

I love ladies with class. And I especially love a First Lady with plenty of class and style.

Although she will no longer be the French First Lady, I’m sure she will remain in the spot light and a fashion icon.

Here are just some of my favourite looks.

This is definitely one of my favourite picture of Bruni. Hair up, knees together, killer outfit. In her favourite colour purple, I can see her shining on my monitor.

What a wonderful clash of colours!

I’ve said this for Duchess of Cambridge (aka Kate Middleton) and I’ll say it again for this stylish lady.

Wanna class it up? Dress is the answer.

In a typical but definitely not repeated outfit: dress + kitten heel!

Another official visit and another classy outfit. Love the photo on the right with the heavily pregnant Samantha Cameron. It looks so adorable as Bruni stares at the Sam’s well developed baby bump, who, by the way, looks amazing 8 months in.

If these two outfits are not “planned”, then it can only mean that Carla & Michelle are BFFs.

I mean, who can look so fabulous together while still being so in SYNC!

Seriously, I don’t even like purple but I can’t get enough of this colour on her!!!!! Geez she looks amazing!

This is one of my favourite evening gowns of all time.

1. Donna Karan Draped stretched jersey dress {Net-a-porter}; 2. Fold over clutch {Shopbop}; 3. Pieces Ningja Sunnies {ASOS}; 4. Natasha Purple Flats {StyleTread}.


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