Boys in Navy

If you didn’t know how cool navy is then just ask any Parisian.

You’d think this would be the GO-TO colour for everyone, surprisingly, a lot of boys/men still have trouble embracing this all rounder colour.

I don’t actually think that they have problem with the colour, but rather, they stick to black/grey too much. And when they want a change of scene they’d choose dark green, maroon and sometimes MUSTARD.

Any problem with those colours? Nope. Loads of courage, but they all lack chivalry.

Yep, I’m serious. I really don’t think there is another colour that combines style & chivalry quite so well. So take my advice boys, give Navy a chance. Let it take over your wardrobe. You won’t regret it.

I’m hip. I know.

Image 1, Image 2.

1. {La Garconne}; 2. {Far Fetch}; 3. {Far Fetch}; 4. {ASOS}; 5. {Steve & Co}; 6. {Old Navy}; 7. {Gant}; 8. {Eddie Bauer}


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