Sensibly Stylish

I’ve been thinking. (Yes, I actually do that sometimes. Well in between hours upon hours of clicking through EVERY category on Pinterest.) The main reason why I started this blog in the very first place, was to explore some of the more sensible fashion choices out there.

While the heels get higher and the fabric covering our bodies get smaller, I can’t help but think: What are we doing to ourselves girls?

Just today as I travelled home on the train, I saw a high school girl leaning against the door for support. It’s winter here in Sydney, but she dares bares with a crop top and black tights. But wait for it, her wedges was so high and crazy I could have mistaken her for an installation art. She looked barely legal!

And you know what the crazy thing is? She looked cold and was in pain. I was sooooo close to offering her a seat, but I’m all about tough love. This girl needs to learn and this is may make me sound like a heartless bitch, but she needs to learn the hard way. Going home with bleeding toes and getting a cold tomorrow is really not that bad as a fashion sacrifice if you think about. Only when you sprang your ankle, slip and fall in from of a large crowd (or your friends you’re trying to outdo) and have your crush mock you THEN will sheseriously¬†consider the fashion choices she made.

Perhaps that’s how fashionistas are forged. Only after years of torturously high heels, combined with a sustaining amount of mockery from your friends/family, you emerge out of the fire in your piercing personalities, Louboutin stilettos, Prada tote and your vintage leather jacket.

So will I stop posting things about sky high heels and the too-extravagant-to-wear-for-any-function-that-I’d-ever-attend gown?

Nope? NEVER!

But I sure will take just a little longer to question myself on which particular territory of la-la-land will I wear a sequin cladded evening gown by Stella McCartney that cost a HUGE DEAL.

1. Elopement Pumps {BHLDN}; 2. Sweet Pie Mid Heel Shoe {ASOS}; 3. Sally Leather Wedge Pump {Net-a-porter}; 4. Brian Atwood Amata Flats {Shopbop}; 5. Suede Pump {UrbanOutfitter}; 6. The Peep Toe Film Noir Pump {Madewell}; 7. Juliana Patent Pumps {Anthropologie}; 8. Jazzhands Glitter Peep Shoes {Topshop}; 9. Chain of Event Planning Flat {Modcloth}; 10. Carrie Skimmer {dELiAs}.


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