Everyone calm down! I’m still awesome and alive.

Friends, readers and fellow muggles, you may have noticed there have been fewer and fewer thoughts being posted on this site these few days. May be some of you are wondering “Dude where is she?”. May be you’re not.

And just to put out this rumour that’s circling around about me being accepted by Hogwarts – I didn’t. Haven’t displayed enough wizardry talent, even though I haven’t left my wallet somewhere for the past 2 weeks!!!??? Hello? What do you think is happening there? Magic of course!

On a happier note, I am now engaged, with braces and just 3 and half weeks until the shopping ban ends.

What does that mean? That means I will now have trouble eating a lot food as a result of the installation ANNNND start looking at things online because I can buy. Oh! And look for wedding dresses.

Don’t Panic! This won’t turn into a wedding blog and I won’t talk incessantly about wedding stuff or BABIES; but I will however share more pictures of Michael Fassbender (The U-Man), Darren Criss a.k.a. Blaine Anderson and possibly Mr. Darcy.


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