Colonial Ranch Style Homes

The best thing about cleaning is that you always find unexpected things. This applies everything that ranges from your bedroom to the office.

Every time I find money under the bed, behind the table, between the pages of dictionary or inside my jeans after the laundry (thank you to who invented plastic money), I always – I mean ALWAYS – say thank you to the money. Manners are important guys!

Anyway, so while I was going sorting the files, I found this:

Okay. This book is clearly very old. Who puts “Hundres of possible combinations” on front of the book anymore?

But this book is actually quite cool.

Following the book cover, the rest is divided into halves. You could choose the designs by changing the left and right side. Like this:

to this….

to this…

You want it? This book has got it.

This book might be older than me, but it’s got some neat ideas!


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