Time to open my mind…

I pride myself in being flexible.

Like back in the days when I look at a Vera Wang catalogue and would say to whoever care to listen that I’d happily wear ANY one of those dresses to my wedding. If I could afford it.

Now that I come to the stage where could afford it and I kinda have to choose a wedding dress, I realised that I’m anything BUT flexible.

Browsed through Vera Wang. Nothing.

Browsed through Valentino. Nothing.

Browsed through Net-a-porter. Err…may be, but not really.

Browsed through J.Crew. Umm….very likely but uh..just likely.

Browsed through freak-ING eBay! Absolutely NOTHING.

And I thought I’d settle for anything, more like I’d settle at nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, Vera Wang & Valentino stuff are amazing. The kind that can make you drool amazing.

 Look at that. Are they not all kinds of amazing? I have seen that dress on the left in real life. It’s crazy CRAZY nice.

But, they’re not me.

For the past twenty something years, I have learnt to be flexible and learnt to be really hard on myself at times like this, where anything less than EXACTLY what I want is just not good enough.

Okay, I’m starting to sound like a Bridezilla.

So to help me open my mind juuuuust a little, I’ve been browsing through sites that I’d never thought I’d browse through. Like Jenny Packham. Actually, the dresses are quite beautiful.

Here’s something slightly old but still good to browse through.


But this is the one that I really like:

It’s wayyyyyy too early to call it THE dress but I’d say that’s kinda the direction I’m heading towards.

So, while I have opened my mind to different styles of dresses and designers, I am still firm on the idea that I need to be completely satisfied on this matter. After all, it’s my wedding dress.


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