Stella McCartney Resort 2013

I have mixed feelings about this one. Generally all the Stella McCartney stuff makes me want to scream. Like at EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. No no, there’s no anger management issues here. The good kind of scream. Like “Ahhhh, I lurv lasagne!!!!”

However, in this resort collection, there are lots of flares, lots of patterns; and while nearly all the Stella design elements are still there (like the tailoring, the shapes), I feel this is a really exaggerated collection. At least the first half of it. The second half of the collection is far more sleek and modern, within the realm of McCartney style I’ve come to know and love.

And here’s the confusing bit: I really like the fact that the clothes are outside of my comfort zone. I started following shows and collections since high school; but there aren’t many that makes me come back year after year, season after season.

I used to save Elie Saab images and make it my computer wall paper; and gave Ralph Lauren a standing ovation in front of my monitors. Nowadays, I’d only look at the last 5 and call it a day. I still covet their stuff as much as I’d covet a $20 million lottery win, but it’s easily forgotten. Those who take chances are the REAL fashion leaders.

So final thoughts: Mixed feelings, but I like the direction it’s heading. Cannot WAIT to see what she’s got for us in the next season.

For all the images from this collection, visit this site.


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