One of a kind

One of the hardest thing about being a Chinese girl is that when you get married, your parents want you to have a traditional Chinese wedding. If you don’t go through the Tea Ceremony then you’d better have it at a Chinese restaurant where they serve Chinese food like abalone, lobster, sea cucumber. Blah. Blah. Blah. (Ladies you know what I’m talking about.)

Well, even if I can’t have the reception in a nice space, I’d prefer at least to have the ceremony somewhere magical and er…industrial.

Since the time I saw Tate Modern’s turbine hall I fell in love with industrial spaces.

High ceilings. Exposed beams. Concrete floors. Most architecture student’s dream.

After hours of searching and a few recommendations, I found these amazing spaces that I might think about and mostly dream about. If I win that $30 million lotto, I’d hire the entire Gallery of New South Wales and have Twombly my way. Yeah. I’m a selfish bitch.

One of the first place that I thought of.

I’ve actually never been inside there, because it’s shut off normally. But even the outside is wonderful.

It can only be booked for 3 hours. AND I have to submit a plan and list of the songs I will be playing to apply. REALLY? I don’t even know what my wedding dress will look like!!!! For more coloured photos, check it out here.

Recommended by the lady behind Shopparama!, I actually like these concrete walls better than the brick walls of reservoir. Although they don’t provide much images for this space, I’ve been there once for a designers market. It’s MASSIVE. Although I’m guessing this will only be a tiny corner of the massive space. For more info, check it out here.

YES. I really would have my wedding here. Carrie Bradshaw wanted to be married in a library that houses some of the greatest writers and poets; I want to be married in a gallery that displays some of the greatest painters and artist of our time, and the time before our time, and the time before that.

While I will make general enquiries, I fear this is a little out of reach. So, if you’re in Sydney, looking for a wedding venue, I hope you will consider this place. And live out my dream.


2 thoughts on “One of a kind

  1. You have picked a very beautiful space!

    I would love to have my wedding at a gallery too. but there aren’t many choices over here in Singapore. We were thinking of a museum wedding, but there are several considerations to make i.e. number of guests, floor plan…

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