Desktop Stationery

Considering it’s Friday and I’m really not that busy, let me share with you some of my favourite stationery. When I say favourite, I mean those items that when I first receive I would not use it, because I don’t want to “RUIN” them. But when eventually I come to my senses and start to use them, then I cannot put them down.

For example, the fountain pen and ink. If you didn’t know already, I love fountain pen (okay I love all stationery but fountain pens are my fav). I don’t know why we don’t use them anymore! I mean, the ink now come in capsules and they don’t leak as much. And every time I use ’em, I feel I need to speak in an English accent (which I’m in the process of perfecting). For the fountain pen and ink, most of the time I get them from Cult Pens; but this particular pair, I ordered from Jet Pens. Make sure you check out their Asian Office section.

The Red/Blue pencil is a nostalgic thing. I remember when I used to have piano classes and my teacher would mark all the fast and slow paces on my music sheets with these pencils. While I hated playing piano when I was a kid, it was no doubt the better part of my childhood.

Along with the pencil, the note books and the memo pad have been purchased from Present & Correct. Check it out guys, it is sooooo much better than lined books you’d see at your nearest Target. Seriously, I could just, like, buy everything on the website. Like, totally, awesome.

Last but not least, my miniature drawer. That was a present from a furniture company. I remember when I bought 2 miniature chairs which cost as much as a real chair, people are like: “WHAT? WHY ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THEM?” I’m like: “WHAT? Like…ermm …..nothing.”

Thing is, when I went furniture shopping for a display apartment with my boss, and saw these cute miniature designer replica chairs being displayed at the counter, we continuously hinted at the sales guy that he should give us one. If a 50 year old Asian man gets out of character for some miniature furniture then you can not say NO to it.

Mostly, they’re cute. You wouldn’t know until you put them in your hand. Otherwise, they’re a conversation starter. If you’re a quick thinker like me, you could tell them what you can do with miniature stuff the next time they ask you. And to name a few stores that you can check out, there are: CB2, Matt Blatt, Poketo. They’re not always available, which is why the next time you come across these tiny gems, make sure you snap ’em up quick!!!


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