One Big Fat Dreamer

Sometimes I feel rather sorry for my friends; I can get extremely emotionally unstable and utter out ridiculous ideas. The thing is, it’s only because I’m total nutcase hopelessly romantic and simply too irrational creative.

For example, for my wedding I had the idea to have the paper lanterns floating in the space like the scene where Rapunzel was with Flynn in Tangled:

Am I for real? Totally. I never joke about love and stuff.

Although may be a little more realistic like this:

Image Source

However, I totally understand why my friends had a frozen face about this whole idea. Some of their concerns are: What happens when the the candle runs out? What happens if they don’t float? What happens if the paper catches on fire?

Good questions I say, in fact too good because now I’m dumping that whole idea altogether.

Good work girls, you have successfully out reasoned a big fat dreamer.

Even though I may not have thought of a good backup plan in this case, I still think this will be a beautiful idea for an outdoor wedding or summer party. If you cannot be bothered making these paper lanterns, fear not, because they are on Amazon.

Yes, I researched them even though it’s not going ahead. The passion lives on.


6 thoughts on “One Big Fat Dreamer

  1. You are a Bennet – ask yourself – what did Elizabeth do? She kept her desires a secret until her future was secure. When in doubt – you refer and appropriate the situation to a scene from pride and prejudice, and role play as elizabeth – it works for me (just don’t dress up – you’ll look pretentious). You do not – I repeat – you do not – burden your friends with your crazy ideas – because they will end up marrying mr collins – and when that happens – no one wins.

    1. I totally feel you, What Would Elizabeth Do (WWED)?

      I also feel that you and I need to sit down together and watch the P&P BBC & movie, then dissect the movie scene by scene. No one else wants to do that with me….

      1. I have the BBc version on DVD!

        Have you got any definites? like the venue etc?
        All this wedding blogging is so exciting – its great to join in the excitement/journey on this blog! Have you got a folder/book for planning all this – it feels like such an undertaking!

      2. I’ll bring the movie. Although we both know that the BBC version is better.

        My close friends gave me a wedding planning diary. I’ve only wrote down some wedding gown shops.

        And nope, nothing is definite. Except that I’m going to wear a white dress….lol

  2. oh no, now I feel so utterly guilty for asking that silly question: what would happen if the candles run out during the ceremony? wouldn’t it be just unfortunate if people got hit on the head with dropping lanterns during your ‘i do’s????

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