Vera Wang Wedding App

You wouldn’t believe it, but people like doing things on their iPhones.

Watching shows and organising events, like weddings. So you’d find countless wedding apps at the iTunes store. Thankfully, one wedding app TRUMPS all the rest: Vera Wang on Weddings.

Good thing about this app is that the way information is presented to you is simplified. With several other apps, I’m constantly going from page to page to find information that I want.

There is no doubt that there are HEAPS of information that need to be crammed into an app; that’s why this app is so amazing. I am now questioning why aren’t all the other apps done in the same way.

And not only are the tasks simply set out, I love the fact that it has a per day count down, instead of a “9 Months to the wedding…”. However, one down side to a list like this is that it doesn’t seem to offer you an opportunity to jump and choose the task. That is, I’ve started the dress search and I have no idea about the venue. Nor have I thought about what I will place the importance on.

Of course, you can always choose and pick whatever the layout, but it’s always good to not feel restrained.

Okay, by this point you must have realised the Vera Wang effect. Everything I see on this app, I’d love. While I’d more likely be a modern/individualist type of bride, I am warming up to the Traditionalist idea. Like I want a large tulle dress with a veil that stretches 10 miles long.

This app is available for both the iPad and the iPhone. When this app first came out, I downloaded for the iPad; however few months later, I saw it costing over $10. When I checked last night, it’s FREE!!!

I don’t know whether it always has been or the whole costing money thing was just my imagination. Whatever it is, make sure you get it.

While this app is clearly amazing, I’ve used a few other ones that are quite simple to navigate through, such as The Knot. So the next time you see a hidden gem, make sure to share it with your friends (*wink* that me!).


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