Have you crossword yourself yet?

You know I’m not one to follow the crowd (ER…cos I’m like, so awesome), but I had to give it ago.

I kid you not, before I started searching for my words, I closed my eyes and used The Secret. So I imagined the words AWESOME. No I saw it. In my mind.

When I opened my eyes, the first word I found?


I was like….WTF? This crossword be shit y’all!

But before I could angrily move on, I found my second and third words:



It was right there, I realised the first word describes how you feel at the time…..

So I went on to look at my fourth: STRONG.

Clearly, this is Crossword God’s message to me:

Don’t be scared, you are an amazingly special person. F*** my mind is Strong.

Oh yeahhhhhhhh.

If you don’t get my last reference, you need to watch this video first, then watch this.


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