Garfield + Stone

This is not unusual, but then it’s not something I normally do. I’m having a couple crush. I mean, bigger crush than “Avocado + Nutella”, or “Soft Serve + French Fries”, possibly more than “Butter + EVERYTHING” is

Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield

Jesus Christ. Do they look chic or WHAT????????

Okay, check it out, these are pics of them looking cute. AWWWWWW…..


If that’s not cute. I don’t know WHAT IS!!!

May be this??

Okay, back to business.

I love the fact that this they’re so relaxed with each other. They look like one of those couples that laugh at fart jokes together and just, so damn HUGGABLE! Very different to Olivia + Johannes, who, in my humble opinion, has the IT COUPLE status. Like, above Brangelina, above TomKat and Biebs. I’m sure they’re one of those people who roll out of bed looking glamorous, with her hair done up and his beard just the right length, EVERYDAY. G+S are definitely more realistic than any of the Hollywood couples I’ve ever stalked online. I’d be sure to find more pictures of them together in the years to come.

Gosling, you’re cute, but don’t stir shit up please.


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