Dark Knight Rises

First of all, this *MAY* include spoilers. When I say  “may” it means that I will try hard not to include spoilers, but my images or something that I review just so happen to unintentionally give away details you may not like to know. I’ll try to only make references to trailers, that way I don’t spoil anything that hasn’t been spoiled already.

So if you’re happy to read about a light hearted review then stay on, but if you want to leave all the judgement to yourself and harm yourself if you read a spoiler, then CLOSE THE BROWSER NOW. (But then, if you’re a die hard fan I’d be wondering why you haven’t seen it….STILL)


Let’s talk Bruce Wayne first.

I haven’t lurved a man like I lurv ice-cream since earlier this year when I watched Kit Harrington on Game of Thrones.  Bale is now flavour of the er….3rd quarter of the year?

Seriously. Do I need to spell this one out? He’s good looking (LIKE TOTALLY!) and he’s a great actor. He looks as good in a bat suit as he is naked. Most importantly, I find the most challenging thing for an actor in superhero movie is perfecting the transition of personas.

I mean, when he’s a billionaire playboy, the torment and the weight of batman permeates through his every lines. And above all, he’s a different person in real life. Can you imagine? He’s a normal actor, who plays batman and pretends to be a playboy in day. That’s for me is pro-ness.

As oppose to Iron Man, who is Robert Downey Jr. being himself with super high-tech gear. Sherlock Holmes is RDJ playing himself in costumes. See the diff?

Just as Batman needed the help of  others to fight evil, the movie wasn’t just carried by Bale alone. The supporting cast was SUPERB. From Tom Hardy to Joseph Gordon-Levit, everyone’s character was as complex and three dimensional as you’d expect from a Nolan movie. I could relate to nearly every single one of the character (yes, yes even Bane. No I’m not a psychopath thank you) at one point or another. I’ve ask the same question as the one you see in that freaking amazing trailer, how could some people live so large, yet leave so little for the rest of us. I understood why sometimes we all need a little bit of false hope to allow us to continue on.

Most importantly, I do believe what the film has been trying to portray in the both the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises, which is that there is goodness and hope in all of us. Regardless how grim and severe the situation, we will come together to fight evil.


From the crashing of Lambos to the flipping of trucks, actions in Dark Knight with Ledger was pretty epic. Even though DKR’s action scenes are still large in scale, it’s impact is as not as great as the previous. For me, half the reason could be the trailer. I felt it showed too much. Not when I watched it before the movie. That’s why I watched it over and over and over again. So, when the stadium blew up, I was like: “Yep, totally knew that one was coming.”

So, I suppose this a lesson for all of us. Less IS MORE.

IF I assess the level of epic-ness of this movie on its own, I’d say it’s pretty awesome. Without giving away too much, I think the awesomeness of the action comes from man-power. So in the trailer, you hear people chanting “Rise” in perfect sync and rhythm, it’s that sort of man-power where you see echoed through the rest of the movie.


It was as much about when it was there as when it was not there. I can’t even express how much the music by Hans Zimmer has defined Batman movie for me. The music is a songified version of Batman; It’s layer upon layer of sounds. The instrument is relatively simple, not simple, but I guess exactly what you’d expect from an orchestra.  But the effect which it creates its just so complex. It’s amazing just exactly how a drawn out sound of a Cello can change the mood of a fighting scene from “OH YEAH! FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!” to a “OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRAP!!!!”.

No doubt, music is essential and while most of us might think we know the recipe for a good fighting music, Zimmer knows when NOT to use fighting music. At times, I’m threatened by the lack of music and just the sound of exactly what appears on the screen. That is perhaps the vital difference between a composer and a maestro, silence was used as sparingly as the music notes.


I won’t say much about this, because I will let pictures do the talking.

Woh. Like, as if this did not just convince you to watch Batman.

Image source 1 & 2.


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