8 Fashion faux pas White Collar Men just shouldn’t make anymore

Being in a generation where you’re constantly told first impressions DO count and menswear now update as often as womenswear, I have a hard time understanding why some white collar men STILL make some unforgivable mistakes.

Really, this post is addressed to those men who are in their late 20’s to late 40’s. I rarely see men who are in their 50’s and STILL get it wrong. I’ve heard many versions of explanation: can’t be bothered, don’t have money to buy better clothes or you only get to wear hand-me-downs. So let me change your mindset and get you out of your overly large suit and get you a new swag with this:

8 Fashion Faux Pas White Collar Men Just Shouldn’t Make Anymore

1. Buy Big/Small Suits

I have no problem with people buying cheap suits. Like seriously. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to spend 3 month’s wage on a suit. But, unless you’re completely lazy, there is no good reasons to buy too large/small suit. So this next suggestion is for people who are seriously very lazy. Too lazy to ask for advice, or get measured:

Before you pay for that warehouse suit, try the suit that is one size smaller, and try the suit one size larger. 

Why should you do that? Because no one deserves looking not as good as they are able to.

If you’re willing to research before you buy a cheap suit, I suggest you go to a good department store and speak to someone experienced, to let you try a suggested size and go from there. Learn the tips and tricks before you head out into the woods.

2. Think there is no difference between tailored shirts and off the rack shirts

About 2 years ago, my mother and I introduced my fiance to tailored shirts. Now I call him a snob. Every time he wears his shirt he bought from department stores, he’d look at himself in the mirror and shake his head. Shake his head because he just can’t stand the fact the mass produced shirts don’t hug his body at the right places.

It was a complete surprise to say the least and it proved one thing: once you go tailor, you won’t go back.

Knowing your sizes are important to both the suit and the shirt, if you have to buy an off the shelf, then make sure you try it on and get an experienced sales person to help you.

2. Don’t have your suit pants altered

It just may be that I’m a tailor’s daughter, but it seriously gets me e-v-e-r-y time when I see businessperson walk around with suit pants either too long or too short. It was okay to have scrunched up pants when you’re in high school or even University, but it’s NOT OKAY now that you’re working.

Getting the pants altered in length is not the most expensive thing in the world, most of the time, it’s around $10-$15 here in Sydney. It’s relatively simple task, so you can even get it altered at a dry-cleaner. However, if you have an expensive dress/suit/jacket/coat, my suggestion is you go to a professional tailor to get alteration instead of a tailor at your local dry-cleaner.

Why? It’s not in the machine. It’s ALWAYS the tailor. The difference between a pro and an amateur tailor is in their approach. A professional always knows how to change it to make it look like it hasn’t been touched. It doesn’t mean there aren’t good tailors at dry-cleaners, you should definitely give them a go when you understand the difference.

However, if you’re a first timer, go for a pro.

4. Wear White Socks with Black Pants

Seriously? You cannot pick up a pack of BLACK SOCKS from COSTCO? Or Target?

Small change, BIG difference.

5. Think all black are the same


I won’t make fun of anyone here, because I know there are people out there who SERIOUSLY cannot tell the difference between the colour.

Those who understands the beauty of black will know, black is not always black.

Let me give you a really obvious example: Dark grey, Navy and Black are NOT THE SAME. Tell me which is which.

If you can’t tell the differences between the above three, then before you buy a “black” suit, ASK SOMEONE (a girl preferably) if you just picked black. If you can tell the difference however, the onus of wearing navy suit jacket and dark grey pants is truly on you.

6. Wear shirts without singlet underneath

Yes. It’s VERY HOT today. It’s likely that you will sweat like a pig.

Then it’s MORE of a reason why you should wear a singlet under your white business shirt.

No explanation will be required I hope.

7. Wear sports sunglasses with your business wear

If you have to wear your sport sunglasses to work every day, once you step into the office, take it off your shirt or off your head and HOLD IT. It makes you look more professional.

8. Be experimental

It’s true. Fashion doesn’t have any rules, but workplace is not an experimental ground – unless you work in the fashion or design industry. Sometimes the best place to show your flare is in your work. Let your clothes speaks of your professionalism and work ethics.

Honestly, it’s not HARD to look decent in your work wear, considering you wear it 5 out of the 7 days (possibly 6 out of 7), you should invest in something decent.

Clearly, I’m not the authority on men’s suits, but GQ is. So check  out this page and this page. Knowledge is power.


5 thoughts on “8 Fashion faux pas White Collar Men just shouldn’t make anymore

  1. I had to recruit a new sales rep some time ago, and he turned up to the interview in a poor fitting suit… and sneakers. I suppose they were black…..

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