Get Ready for the Sydney Spring

While most of you guys might be getting over the heat and the sun, I’m currently stalking all kinds of sartorial blogs and news overseas to get ready for our spring. OH YEAH.

Coming from China, I remember one of the first thing I could NOT get used to was the fact that summer happens around December, while winter is in June. In fact, most of my relatives overseas still can’t warm up to this idea of celebrating New Years in heat. Oh well, their loss.

The thing is, Christmas in Summer, Summer in Christmas is WONDERFUL. We get to wear alllll kinds of pretty stuff and alllllll kinds of amazing colours and alllllllll kinds of shoes. And we PARTY. ALL. THE. TIME.

Kidding. We party only 80% of the time.

Sooooooo, any of you guys have any tips for the upcoming Spring/Summer fashion for us folks here in Sydney?

Left to Right; Top to Bottom.
1. Top {Forever New}; 2. Shirt {Portmans}; 3. Skirt {Witchery}; 4. Skirt {Marcs}; 5. Pants {Portmans}; 6. Dress {Seed}; 7. Skirt {Glasson}; 8. Shoe (Top) {Country Road}; 9. Shoe (Bottom) {Sportsgirl}; 10. Clutch {Oroton}; 11. Bag {Colette}.


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