The new Country Road & Trenery website

Most people think Marketing is easy.

Those of us that are NOT in marketing thinks that marketing peeps sit around drinking green tea and talk about why  Crimson Red is more effective than Bloody Red. And you think you can do their job. Well, you probably can’t.

Thankfully, professional money making people know that marketing is a HUGE deal. Many retail giants nowadays spend a huge amount of their marketing budget on company website, and so they should. Statistically speaking, I spend far greater time on Net-a-porter than Saks Fifth Avenue because it’s visually more enticing.

With that understanding, our Australian retail brand Country Road‘s website recently had a facelift. Their old website was nice; but their new site is EXCELLENT. Here’s the thing, I’ve always like Country Road stuff. I regularly visit their stores, but I never spend much time on their website. Mostly because it was dull and hard to navigate through. Seriously, their stuff is really nice! Simple lines, clean designs, classic styles. It’s a Yes, Yes, Yes from me. Only their website was “kinda average”.

Finally, the website is reflective of their design philosophy! Simple. Clean. Modernised.

While here is just a glimpse of their S/S 2012 Catalogue, I really hope you check out the rest of the website.

I drool every time I see a collection of colourful shoes shoved in my face with pretty fonts.

And nope, they didn’t just stop there. For Country Road’s sister site Trenery which is aimed at a slightly more matured audience has also had a facelift.

Not sure if you noticed, but the fonts just went from Sans Serif, to Serif.

You might think I’m crazy, but that’s so freakin amazing for me. Like, *BFFFTT* mind blowing amazing. Is that weird?

So needless to say, I’ll be returning to both these websites VERY OFTEN. I will possibly print it out and stick it on my wall. First, it’s definitely going onto my Pinterest boards. OH YEAH.


2 thoughts on “The new Country Road & Trenery website

  1. I don’ know, I think I could hold my own in a discussion about bloody red vs crimson red… =P

    And I have noticed that you love collections of ballet flats in a rainbow of colors (e.g. j crew)!

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