Aesop $85 Facial Treatments

Ladies & gents, thanks to a good friend who always shares with me some of the most important things in a woman’s life – Sales & Promotions – that I am able to introduce to you the following deal.

However, before you read on, this only applies to people who:

Live in Sydney

Go to Sydney City Myer


Love great deals

Sorry about the poor image, had to scan my promotional pamphlet.

Basically, go to Sydney City Myer, book an $85 facial for 45 minutes, at the end of the treatment, you can redeem $85 worth of Aesop products!!!

WOH? Great deal or what?

So I’ve just booked mine, bought a bottle of Tea Tree Leaf exfoliant and got some great samples for my eyes and hands.


Seriously, I’ve been wanting to try their products since the moment I saw these simplistic and minimalistc brown medicine bottle stored inside a cardboard shop in Melbourne (below):

Which you should checkout even if you’re not going to buy anything, because it’s really really cool. But if you happen to stay in Sydney for the next few weeks or so, and wouldn’t mind spending $85 for a facial and a few products, swing by Myer Aesop counter and take this deal with your bare hands.

Products can be bought from Myer.


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