Closing the doors as a start

Okay guys, I’m not going to be too modest here, I give AWESOME advice.

Once my bf was getting tired from polishing his shoes while sitting on the ground, and I advised him to sit on a small chair. He did and now when he doesn’t get cramps while polishing shoes.

Yeah. I change lives.

So the other week, while I was cleaning out my old study back at mum’s, I realised 2 things:

1. My parents are hoarders. I am a hoarder. So it’s pretty conclusive to say that “Hoarding” is hereditary.

2. I once gave an awesome advice to a friend (who display severe signs of hoarding) that STEP 1 to organising her bedroom is to put doors on her open shelf wardrobe.

She is STILL unconvinced.

A while back, I read this article that really put my advice into perspective by providing logical and psychological reasoning. It generally stated that putting doors on a messy shelf, or making a bed in a messy room is you physically sectioning off or grouping problems.

It’s kind of like underlining parts of a mathematical equation; underlining doesn’t SOLVE the equation for you, but sectioning the question makes it easier because it’s easier to deal with little problems than one big problem.

So, while I am NOT the authority on the psychological aspect of things, when I first gave the advice, I only thought of the visual aspect.

You don’t need to be a designer to know that the one on the right looks NEATER. Why? Because you don’t see anything.

Also, wardrobe are generally one of the largest thing in a bedroom. It’s sometimes full height, 60cm in depth and JAM PACKED. So visually it’s very imposing.

The only time it’s okay to have an open wardrobe if it’s a walk in and it looks like this:

Where Valentino gowns overflow from inside and the Manolos stand neatly next to the Louboutins. Alas, most of us did not spend $175,000 on the wardrobe. It’s probably more like this:

Image Source

So put an end to this mess and break the line of hereditary hoarding by installing doors FIRST. If you seriously cannot install doors to your wardrobe because there is no space in your room, well, honey, then you should look at taking more drastic measures. But that’s another post altogether.

Start here at Ikea.


3 thoughts on “Closing the doors as a start

      1. ;_; Really? You’re so good to me! Yet… I don’t appreciate your door advices! Can’t live with myself…
        :p I will totally call you… soon.

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