My big fat problem: Tiny Shoe Closet

In relative terms, I have too much shoes. Not A LOT, just too much for my closet. Besides an oversized bank account, a nice shoe closet is what is stopping me becoming a real fashionista.

So, how sad does it look?

Before I start to sound like a whinger (which I kinda am), I’ll just let you know what I really want your opinion on: How to Improve A Shoe Closet?

Just to be clear, I’m not feeling upset  because it’s not filled with Louboutin or Manolo; it’s sad because I’m not using these space EFFICIENTLY. And that is stopping me from buying MORE SHOES. Not only have I sacrificed two shelves worth of space for Him & Home, the shoe boxes on top are being suffocated!

Also, before someone asks me why those shoe racks are turned upside down, well, let me tell you, it’s NOT because we’re retarded and don’t know how to use a shoe rack. It’s only because sometimes we come home with dirt under our shoes. So while I’d get rid of most of ’em dirt at the door, there are still a few bits and pieces left on the shoe. So to make sure they don’t contaminate our shelves, we’ve decided to turn the shoe rack upside down.

So far, I thought these Clear Shoe Boxes might make things look neat and tidy while providing more space.

I also thought about buying new shoe racks but it’s so hard to find out that fits into the existing space.

Got any good ideas you would like to share?


8 thoughts on “My big fat problem: Tiny Shoe Closet

  1. as another option – ikea sells some polyester shoe boxes – they are probably more durable than the plastic ones. I have them – they can fit 2 pairs (of flats and small shoes) in each if you are desperate. They also have little clear window things as well. They are bigger than the plastic ones and don’t look as neat – you can probably only fit 2×3 in each of your shelves with some overhanging space for boots…so not much better…I have 6 because they were in the sale section last time and I picked up 6 for 6 dollars. I quite like them after trying (they feel more sturdy than the plastic ones – and they stack well – have you seen them?)

    1. Thanks Angela! I actually didn’t think about Ikea. Also, I’m likely to buy the cheaper option, so if you got 6 for 6 dollars (even if that’s during sales) I might just pick this up.

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