Facebook HQ by Frank Gehry

I remember watching a video of Frank Gehry talking about his concept for a building which he designed.

Basically after many bottles of Sake Gehry shared with his Japanese client, he drew his initial idea for the building on a napkin. The Japanese client looked at the design and said: “Why no fish?”

Then he drew a fish and won the competition.

I’m not promoting alcohol here but it obviously lead to great architectural designs.

So what do you think Mark Zuckerberg said to Gehry to inspire this design?

Without much knowledge, the only thing I really like about this design is that it seems like one very large fluid space.

Oh and roof gardens. I love roof gardens.

Below is the current office mingling space. That’s not what it’s called, it’s what I would call a large open space where people stand around and chat.

Existing offices shows a pretty standard and boring office. Not what you’d expect when you think of Facebook. I expect Justin Timberlake to be dancing around while Andrew Garfield smashes computer.

Just kidding. I expect them to hug it out.

But seriously, they expect this building to go up Spring 2013 and cost wise, they wouldn’t tell, but apparently it would be the ‘norm’. Make sure you stop by Bloomberg for the full article.


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