4 Essential Items In A Man’s Wardrobe (Also Called: Anytime Clothes)

Imagine this:

You’re a consultant and you have to go to a new office this Friday. Come Friday morning, you have to leave for work in a matter of seconds but your work pants has a hole in it and it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you mend right now. Yesterday’s pair is in the wash, the “back up” pair doesn’t match with your suit jacket. In fact, you’re not even sure if the office you’re visiting today has “Casual Friday”. It’s too cold to go without a jacket, too warm to put on a coat. You literally have NOTHING else appropriate to wear.

Your other half is screaming to give you ideas, you’re screaming to say no, the guinea pigs are screaming to get more salad.

Yep, this was the scenario in our household last Friday morning. And this is what happens when my boyfriend’s pants got busted. Havoc. In the end, he went with vest on top of business shirt. When he got to the new office, it’s Casual Friday.

So on my way to work, I decided that that I NEED to compile a list of “Essentials” to avoid any further havoc that could be caused by whatever life has to throw at us. More importantly, this gives us a goal to work towards and something that we could look out for at the next bargain hunt.

1. Anytime Jacket

Here’s the deal. When I say anytime jacket, I don’t mean you can wear this to bed and wear this to tux night.

The Anytime Jacket is a piece in your wardrobe that will go with majority of the clothes. So, if you didn’t wear your suit blazer today and you can replace it with this one. You can also take it from picnic with friends in the day to fine dining at night.

So assess your current clothes and the palette and when you have a look at jacket, think about the scenarios you can wear this jacket to.

Left: Bomber Jacket {Topman}; Right: Mini Check Blazer {Witchery Man}

2. Anytime Knit

Especially in spring and fall, there is ALWAYS a need to carry something extra when you go out at night. This scenario would be fairly simple. You leave home during the day and you’re thinking of bringing something for the chilly autumn nights. A jacket is too much and a scarf is too little. Throw one of these in your car and use when required.

So to pick this essential it would be something simple and relatively plain, so it will go with majority of your tees or shirts.

Left: Cardigan {Oxford}; Right: Shawl Collar Knit {Country Road}

3. Anytime Pants

I’m just gonna go ahead and call Anytime Pants: CHINOS. Seriously. I don’t think there is another pair of pants that is more versatile. Yes, more versatile than jeans. They are true team players.

Some men – my bf – tend not to go for this. Denim is always the preferred choice, mostly because it’s more comfortable and relaxed. And that’s fine. However, if you ever get into a situation like one I mentioned right up on top, chinos may just save the day.

Right: Straight Leg Chino {Mr. Porter}; Left: Slim Fit Chino {Mr. Porter}

4. Anytime Shoes

Most people already have a pair. They call it Converse.

Here’s the surprise though: You can’t wear converse to graduations anymore. We’re wayyyy past the 90s and the point of no return.

So let me keep this simple and easy for all the guys out there that just don’t know what to do without your Chucks:

Get a pair of shoes that is NOT made from canvas.

Top: Leather Lace Up {Need Supply}; Bottom: Suede Boots {ASOS}.


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