The Hermès Scarf Ways

So if you have to wear a scarf, you would have to wear the Hermès way. Not only are they THE authority on leather goods as you would know from this post, they provide this downloadable booklet to show you how you can wear a scarf after you’ve taken it out of the box.

Oh and look, I’ve picked out a scarf that I cannot afford for myself to practice on.

Is it really expensive? Don’t be silly, it’s only $825 from here.

And if I had it, I would wear it fabulously like this. I look exactly like that girl above by the way. Only better. Ask my friends.

Okay. So you want to get a few more ideas on scarf wearing? Start here!.

The Hermès Way

The above are only a few examples that I’ve taken out of the booklet which you can get from here. It’s at the bottom right hand side where it says “Playtime with your Hermès scarf”.


3 thoughts on “The Hermès Scarf Ways

  1. yes I agree – you are a more chic version of the sketch. With the last scarf top – with 4 scarfs…that’s a $3400 top…oh wait – my mistake – with 4 scarfs – you can probably get 400 different looks from it – so on average – really each look is only about $9…but its like you bought 400 tops in one go … I doubt I’ll ever be able to justify such a purchase, in this life time (with the current trajectory of my life). I probably won’t for these scarfs – but one day – maybe one of their bags – if I win a lottery or lucky dip in the stock market or one really successful adult film.

    1. First of all, you’re the BESTTTTTTEST in recognising that I’m more chic than the sketch. You say the most wonderful things to people about themselves!!

      Secondly, wait until you get out of med school. You’ll be making money like no tomorrow. And you can justify it like this: “I work so hard. I deserve to look beautiful.” OR “I make my own money. Bitch, I buy what I want!” or something feminist like that.

      Let me know when you do buy one of their handbag, then I will likely organise a party….called the Angela’s new handbag party. Two ppl will be there; you and me.

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