Study Room Decoration

So my mum is renovating our study and as mentioned in one of my previous post, we’re a family of hoarders. So my initial response was: Lots of cover, lots of storage, absolutely no colours allowed.

However, my mum had her eyes on these Galant tables from Ikea in the these dark colours. So while I might be a complete Nazi when it comes to decoration for my house, I do allow ample amount of choice when I design the interior for others.

So, I thought why not go crazy? I never play with colours and this might be the perfect opportunity!

Mum, if you’re reading this, this is what I think you need in our study.

1. {Crate & Barrel}; 2. {Matt Blatt}; 3. {A+R}; 4. {CB2}; 5. {Ikea}; 6. {West Elm}; 7. {CB2}; 8. {Ikea}; 9. {2Modern}; 10. {Present&Correct}; 11. {CB2}; 12. {Poketo}; 13. {The Pond Market}; 14. {Present&Correct}; 15. {CB2}; 16. {Present&Correct}.


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