Finally! Progress with the wedding planning thing….

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been doing much about the wedding planning thing. Mostly I’ve been reallllly busy. It’s odd, because when people ask me: What are you busy with? I’m like: I don’t know.

Pretty much things are happening and I’m trying to deal with them one task at a time.

BUT! I have been thinking. Thinking a lot about the planning. That might sound stupid and in fact, people might not consider to be doing much, but that’s kinda how I get shit done. Thing I’ve been thinking most about, would be The Dress.

Here’s the deal, I’m on a REALLY tight budget for the dress. What’s tight? $250. Yeah, I’m totally serious.

WHY ? For many reasons:

1. I’m only going to wear this dress for this one day. Okay may be I’ll wear it on another day for photo shoot or something.

2…..Okay that’s it. There’s really nothing else.

So my BFF’s have called me crazy, but I’ve asked around and I’m digged around and I’ve looked around. It’s totally do-able. While I don’t want to reveal what I’m actually going to do just yet and also what I’ll be choosing, I found these four dresses from Etsy that I would totally consider wearing. 3 out of 4 are within budget.

Dress 1: Vintage Wedding Dress

This might seem a little beyond my time and I certainly don’t want everyone to think I’m a prude, but I love the fact that this is covered up and simply plain. May be if I do end up buying this dress, there might be tweaking here and there, but I love the neck line and the lace.

Dress 2: Custom Made Gown

Okay, this is outside my budget. Like almost DOUBLE. But it’s custom made and while still covered up, it’s definitely more shapely than the previous.

Dress 3: Tea Length Wedding Dress

If I end up having a ceremony at the registry, I WILL WEAR THIS!

It’s so simple yet so chic. I lurrrrvvvv the neck line!!!!

Dress 4: Vintage 1970’s Gown

According to this description, this is a 1930’s styling dress. To see something in such good condition and such a good price, I feel I need to snap this up NOW!

While I’ll continue to search for more options, let me know what you think. Like if I’m crazy for spending so little on a wedding gown.

In the mean time, in case you want a Kate Middleton gown but you too are on a tight budget, why not make your own?



8 thoughts on “Finally! Progress with the wedding planning thing….

    1. Ohhhhh that’s why it looks familiar! I was thinking it looked like a dress I’ve seen before and it’s TOTALLY THE PROPOSAL!!!

      OMG That’s totally progress!! I’m looking at other options~~~~

  1. I like 2 and 3 as well – if 1 and 4 were perfectly fitted – they would be lovely too – especially 4 – which has nice elements – but I think the length (is it ankle length?), the bust line and the sleeves meeds to be altered a little.

    1. I totally agree! I mean when I was looking at 1 I was thinking of it being a totally fitted version. Although that might be deviating from the original design but….

      And 4! Oh number 4. Sadly, if I was to wear it, the bust HAS to be altered.

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