Seasonal Change

There is no doubt, my other half influences my choices in my outfit on the daily basis. The other day, right as we were step out of the door for work, he casually remarked that my dress was a tad short for work….so I ripped it off and changed to a longer dress.

If one of my girlfriend told me this story I would be like: “Pfft! What? He shouldn’t dictate what you wear!!!”. However, the man has a point. The dress was above knee, and while I don’t want people to think of me as a prude, I do try to keep weekday dresses more modest than necessary. After all, I have had one of those days where I wore a silk shift above-the-knee dress and was called to a construction site. I wore construction boots and a hard hat. I felt like a clown.

Anyhow, so a while back he also mentioned that I always wear the same thing. Yes I do. Always always buy the same colour. Same style. Is that wrong? Probably not wrong, but I do want to expand my palette and open my mind. While I don’t have the guts to start clashing prints and wear neon I am open to colour blocks and b/w prints.

So yesterday I bought a mint blue peplum top like the one below and have been keeping my eye peeled for a b&w patterned pants. So I’ve composed a short shopping list for myself. Baby steps guys, baby steps.

1. Polka Dot top {Anthropologie}; 2. Red Flats {House of Fraser}; 3. Silver & Brown Fingerless Glove {FarFetch}; 4. Polka Dot notebook {Terrain}; 5. Black & White Stripe Bag {Kate Spade}; 6. Mint Peplum Top {Cue}; 7. Printed Waist Pants {Witchery}; 8. Snake Patent Belt {Country Road}; 9. Coloured Scarf {Seed Heritage}.


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