Stella McCartney Ready-To-Wear S/S 2013

Yes! Another collection. Here I am going crazy about her….AGAIN.

However, I’m not too psyched about this collection. It’s a good bridging collection I suppose, for a bigger and better one in the next round. However, I do have give a raving review about the colours.

No surprises this season in terms of colours but I do like the shades of orange and green. As you may or may not know, I’m not big on colours. But I’m willing to change with every new SM collection. The good thing about all these colours and patterns she has picked is that it’s in big blocks and aren’t messy or weird tone, which is generally what I don’t like about colours.

So while I generally prefer outfits that are more subtle in style and colour, of the orange, I actually like the brighter one much much better; likewise with the green. But then, I might say a different thing when I see them in real life.

The patterns are also very tamed, which is what I like if I ever decide to wear leopard prints or floral. That means I can wear them like a neutral. I don’t like leopard prints where the patterns are large and have huge gaps in between; unless it’s so large it takes up the entire dress then I’ll just consider that as quite um…conceptual.

Check that out! That’s definitely a more relaxed version of the figure hugging dresses she had previously. With bits of strategically placed sheer fabric being wrapped with these large coloured dots.

While I won’t bore you with the entire collection, I will only show you a “few” that made me scream. In my head.

Make sure you check out the rest over here, along with the backstage which is generally my favourite.


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