DIY: Polka Dot Kindle Case

I’m generally very very lazy leisurely, but I’m super enthusiastic when it comes to DIY. So I often have buy all sorts of cool fabrics thinking I’ll make a shirt, a skirt, a dress, a jacket, a cape, a FREAKING evening gown. It never happens, because I’m so leisurely.

Situation changed this time as a result of this new kindle. I really cannot allow it to fall into my bag without at least some form of cover. So within 1 night, I made this relatively simple kindle case.

Step 1: Measure

So to minimise the sewing, I’ve chosen a large piece of fabric.

I first folded in half, to put extra layer of cushion in between. Then I left double the kindle’s length plus 2 inches at both ends.

Step 2: Fold & Mark

Fold the fabric to ensure your kindle will be fully covered, leave the rest as a cover.

I left about 1cm at the top of the kindle and so much room on the side. You don’t have to leave heaps on the side, I only did it because it’s easier to cut 1 inch off than cutting 1cm off.

Mark the bottom of the kindle

Step 3: Cushion

I decided to use left over felt from another DIY project as my cushioning layer.

Step 4: Clip it!

Once the cushioning is in there, it’s vital to make sure everything staying where they are. Clearly, I don’t have pins at home, so I used paper clips. Good thing about paper clips is that they end exactly at the line I’m suppose to sew. Make sure you give some room to the kindle for two reasons. One because it’s easier for you to put it in and take it out; two because after you sew you still have to turn it inside out, and it’ll be much easier for yourself if it’s larger.

Note: That also means the sides where I’ve clipped needs to be reduced.

Step 5. Sew & Cut

After sewing along the dotted line, it’s important to neaten up before turning it inside out. So I reduced the sides to 1cm and cut the corner at 45 degrees angle.

Step 6: Turn it INSIDE OUT!!!

Okay, it’s way too hard to take photo and turn the cover inside out. So you just have to use your imagination.

Step 7: Sew the Cover

This is the lazy part. Instead of having the sewing of the cover concealed, I’ve decided to leave it to the very end. So I’ve folded and sewed the sides, then the top.

Step 8: Pick a cut button

Do you keep all those buttons that come with a dress/coat? Well, you should. Like for this exact reason.

To hold the cover down, I needed a loop + button. In this case I’ve decided to use one of those buttons.

I thought about doing a bow, but then I realised how leisurely I am. FORGET ABOUT THAT!

Step 9: Loopy Loop

I consider this the hardest part. Mostly because it’s small and turning fabric inside out for something so long and thin is always a bitch. So you can skip this step if you can live with the cover of the case always sticking up.

Here’s how I turn it inside out:

I loosely sew only onside of the fabric.

Push the needle through the tube.


I honestly thought it will take me hours, luckily, it took me no more than a minute.

Step 10: Sew on the loop

I think there are lots of different ways of doing the loop, so the shape and direct of the loop really depends your patience and what time of the day it is. By this point it was close to bed time, so I went with whatever is the quickest.

Step 11: Sew on the button


TA DA ~~~~~

And that’s it!

Let me know if any one of my instructions were too ambiguous. I hate ambiguous instructions, but then I don’t want to make this project sound too complicated.

However, if you think this is too simple, just wait for my next project. I personally think it will be mind blowing, sanity shutteringly good.

Yes that’s an expression. You heard it here first.


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