Vanessa Traina’s Wedding

Vanessa Traina, daughter of the famous author Danielle Steele, socialite turned model has plenty of style. So much her wedding is printed by Vogue.

Now, instead of showing you a series of photographs and then take you to a link, I might add some side commentaries here and there to reflect on my own wedding planning. Which is…not much.

The Gown

First of all, the dress. Not what I would wear it’s it’s beautiful non the less.

Vogue called this wedding tour-de-Givenchy. Not that I am able to spot, nearly everything the bride is wearing has been designed by Riccardo Tisci.

Mum, I don’t want to put pressure on you, but I insist that you get yourself a jaw dropping evening gown for my wedding.

This is such a beautiful picture. Something that I’d frame and put on my non-existent occasion table or above my imaginary fire place.

A must-have shot of any wedding photography. The Dress & The Shoes.

The Veil

Okay, here’s the thing. I’ve decided a while back that I probably won’t have a veil. Some of these images are making me change my mind.

Oh that simply looks divine.

The Suit

Did I mention that the wedding is black tie? And is it weird that I’m drooling over a pair of Tom Ford socks for men?

Yes? Okay.

The Girls & Boys

 One of my favourite picture of Kate Moss’s wedding is her with all the flower girls. I guess it gives the feeling that the bride is surrounded by angels and cupids.

 And they are soooooo adorable!!!!

The Family Portrait

 This is a royal family portrait shot. I suppose she is from a royal family of some sort….

The Decoration


Do I need to say anything about this insane backdrop?

The Tables

Is that Alexander Wang? Yes it is! The bride & Wang went to school together.

Regardless of the fact that this wedding is very different to my taste and style, there is no doubt it’s a beautiful wedding. If I could had a decorator, a couture gown and an intimate wedding full of celebrities and literati I too would have something similar.

I suppose good company and silly laughs are all that I need.



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