Costume Party Class 1: The Research

Now that Halloween has passed, we can get onto some more serious costume party. By serious I mean totally sick. By totally sick I mean incredibly awesome.

So this Christmas my friends and I have decided to hold another costume party. Theme: Decades. I have chosen (maybe not too intelligently) the 1910’s. What on did people put themselves in back in those days? No idea. So, history lesson time.

One of the first thing I found after initial digging around on the world wide web is that I have two epic film work for reference: Downton Abbey & Titanic.

Not only is the Downton Abbey super hot right now, who can forget about Rose’s hat from Titanic?

Okay, but realistically I can’t wear this hat because I simply CANNOT wear something like this without “My Heart Will Go On” playing in the background.

Downton Abbey have similarly elaborate hats:



Or if I choose to, I can go for something more subtle like these:


But honestly, who has time for subtlety at a costume party. However, laziness logic overpowered me, and I reaslied that sometimes less is more.

So I’m going for this:


Although, that’s far TOO simple. I think it needs some sparkle, like a Chandelier or something.

And this led me to more and more information for women of that decade riding horses. I remember several movies made comments on the way women rode horse back in the days when we couldn’t wear pants.

In the scene as Anne Boleyn played by Natalie Portman joins Henry VIII and his entourage in The Other Boleyn Girl, Henry VIII played by Eric Bana asked: “With no man to hold onto how do you plan to stay on your horse?” To which Natalie’s character coolly replies: “As you do Your Grace, with my thighs.” Well, like Henry VIII, I too was confused, simply because until the moment women wore pants on saddles, they sidesaddled. That is, they sat side ways with both legs at one side.


How ridiculously uncomfortable and awkward that must be I have no idea.  However, sitting on the horse with your legs apart, even though is far safer way to travel on horse back, is considered “uncivilised”.

One this is for sure, I’m going to let my head gear dictate the rest of my outfit. It can only be assumed that for the time being, I just put logic aside and listen to my heart.


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