Wedding Budget Tools

I’m at that point in life where everyone is getting engaged or married. While I may not to live out my Pinterest Wedding dream because I’m working with a tight budget, I know I need a really really good wedding budgeting tool.

So far, I have about 3 wedding budgeting apps on my phone, an excel spreadsheet  seemingly composed by someone who received a doctorate in Excel, AND just a bunch of online budgeting websites and stuff. I have to say that the Martha Stewart’s Wedding budgeting tool is my favourite of all. Yes, I lurv it more than my Vera Wang app.

Here are just a few reasons:

1. It pre-fills it for you;

2. You can easily edit your budget;

3.  No adding required.

When I first started budgeting, I have noooooo idea HOW to allocate the amount. Nearly every single wedding planning tool/website tells you that one of the first thing to do, is decide what you want to spend the most of amount of the wedding on. For example, lots of people want to spend the money on decoration or the wedding dresses. Not entirely unusual, I want to put more emphasis on food, but where should I be reducing from and what needs to be taken out? I have no damn idea. While you can sit your married friend down and pick their brains, it’s really hard for them to tell you about their wedding budgets months or years afterwards.

So with this one, I put in my budget of $25,000, magically it just split up into all the different categories for me.

It might be just maths and formula, but I choose to believe it’s magic.

Then, you can choose what you want to edit. I’ve chose to delete the Band or a DJ. Well, considering it’s going to be a relatively Asian wedding, no one is going to dance anyway, so I’ll just have Michael Bublé playing softly in the background.

Then, this little window allowed me to redistribute the $780.49 onto other caterogies. Not only that, it even has sub-categories!!

So I can choose for the whole amount to go to Food & Service as appose to booze.

AND THAT’S IT FOR NOW. Surprise surprise.

But seriously, this is really what I need right now, a great starting point. We will be starting to look at the venue very soon, will keep y’all posted.


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