30 Day Photography Challenge

Lately, I’ve been very busy. And lacked inspiration. I promised myself not to post anything that’s “boring”. It didn’t have to be astounding, but I have to feel the need to share.

Anyway, I thought this can’t go on forever, otherwise, this blog might as well be deleted altogether. Well, that ain’t gonna happen!

So I looked around Pinterest and Tumblr and Facebook and found this 30 Day Photography Challenge. Essentially, I have to take a picture a day for 30 day (I’m well aware that there is a 365 day challenge, but we all know I’m not going to go through with that just yet!).

Each day has a subject/theme for you to take a picture of.  While I may not be able to write about something everyday, but I’m sure I can manage a picture. So, for those of you who are uninspired, bored or simply like a challenge, pick up your DSL or iPhone and join me on the 1st December to capture the last 30 days of 2012. And on 31st December, we’ll have a look at the last 30 days in picture.


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