Wedding: The Flowers

I don’t know WHAT I would do without Pinterest. Seriously. There are times and days where I would sit in front of the computer scrolling through pictures after pictures for hour on end before I realised that half the day has gone.  So no doubt, I would likely to be planning my ENTIRE wedding over Pinterest.

So to show that at least I’m making SOME progress with my wedding planning, I’m now working on The Flowers.

There is no doubt (NO DOUBT), that all the flowers, will be white. I don’t care if they are different types, different materials (be it silk or paper), they will all be white. And in my humble opinion there are two occasions when white flowers look good. Either very small and few of them, or when lots are gathered together.

See this one here is an example of when they are few and small. I did not know Baby’s Breath can look so beautiful until Pinterest showed me the way.

They look so beautiful in these white slender vases. On top of that, it looks really simple to put together, that is it does not look like too much work if you want to do it yourself.

While these aren’t as small as the baby’s breath, they seem just as easy to set up.

Only very slightly different is this arrangement:

So I lurrrrrv the vase. Mostly because I prefer square shaped things over circular shapes. Yeah, I’m discriminatory like that.

But seriously, there are two BIG concerns for these types of arrangement: Cost & Time.

Thing is, using real flowers are expensive. I spoke to a friend of mine who recently purchased their wedding flowers, 4 bouquets, 12 boutonniere and 1 cake topper: $1000. Really? And apparently, this is not that expensive! It is the average price here in Sydney!

Now, if you decide to purchase your own flowers from our Flower Market. This market opens from 5am to 11am Monday to Saturday at Flemington Paddy’s Markets. How much will that be? I have no idea, I’m likely to head off the market one day just to find out. However, I have heard that there aren’t anything good after 9am. So make it a SUPER early start.

Here’s the thing though, unlike the baby’s breath, this looks like a lot of work. While it is very beautiful, it’s simply not practical.


A close friend is also shopping for her wedding decoration. She recently went to the flower market and has taken many beautiful pictures. She’s blogged about her experience here.

Paper Pom Poms!

I’ve been into paper pom poms for a while now. This photo above was also shown in this post, when the Japanese tsunami incident. Well, I’m thinking of recreating this with WHITE paper pom poms. Great thing about this type of flower it’s that it can be DIYed, or ordered online! Which means we can create this weeks and even months prior to the wedding.

The only thing I haven’t worked out is how much it will cost and how difficult will it be to create something to this extent.

Well, I will report once I’ve gathered enough info about all of the above options.


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