Wedding: The Invitation & Stationery

Wedding planning is a REALLY good way to learn about yourself. Through wedding planning you’ll discover whether you’re a romantic, a realist, a surrealist, an artist, a perfectionist or a bitch.

I’m 100% certain that I’m EVERY-SINGLE-ONE of those and plus a bit of sarcastic. Not smart-witty-sarcastic, but condescendingly-blunt-with-a-dash-of-stupidity sarcastic.

One thing I’ve discovered about myself since I started practicing architecture and this whole wedding planning has confirmed, is that I make stubborn instinctive decisions that I don’t like to deviate away from. Even though I appear to be very accepting of new ideas.

So since the first time wedding invitations popped into my head, I knew what sort of design and style I wanted. Even though I didn’t have the details but I know the general quality of the invites.

I’ve always liked minimalistic type of stuff (not sure if you’ve picked up yet), so it was always good paper plus good font. The whole details about getting quotes for invites has gotten me think long and hard about just exactly what I want. So I’ve proposed a few options for my other half and I to select from.

Themed: Navy & White

Okay so everyone’s got a theme to the wedding, which is fine with me because I’ve selected navy and white to be my theme.

Can colours be considered as themes? No clue, but let’s just run with that and see where it takes us.

So my options are: Colour ON the cards OR white cards and navy envelopes.

Invitation - Colour

Image Source: Top; Bottom.

Recently, my fiance and I have been into the idea of wax seals like this one and I thought a white wax seal will look very sexy on a navy or dark coloured envelope.

That will involve lots of white wax, a custom made seal and countless hours of stamping and waiting.

Is it all worth it? I may have to do a sample and just see what happens.

The Card: Black & White

Invitation - Black & White

Image Source: Left; Right.

Let’s put the envelope aside and think about the actual card. One thing I always know that my invitation won’t be a folding card. It’ll just be one card, may be with front and back. That’s all.

Also, I know that it will have to be super nice paper stock. Something substantial and has a relatively smooth finish. On top of that, I’m hoping to have the rim of the paper either in black or in gold or in silver or PICTURES OF UNICORN FLYING ACROSS A RAINBOW COLOURED SKY.

That would also mean that there is no DIY in this invite. Not that I really want to add unnecessary work for myself, it would mean that the cost would go up.

The Card: White on Brown Card
Invitation - White on brown card

Image Source: Left; Right

Surprisingly, I really like this style of invites. And this will be fitting to a country / hippy / quirky type of wedding. I’m leaning towards the minimal style wedding, which the calls for the firs two type of wedding invitation.

However, the brown card is readily available AND it’s cheaper than the white thick paper I had in mind.

What is more, since we can’t print “white”, this is most def a DIY job. So if we’ve got something like that second picture where there is a stamp thing going, it could be very cost effective.

In the mean time, I will think about the contents of that invite. Hopefully, the layout of the text will help me to decide.


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