An art collector’s New York Apartment

I love large paintings. I might not understand them, but I love it for its sheer size and impact. So often I get attracted to an apartment even though it’s nothing like my usual taste in decor, but purely for its art.

Such as this fancy New York apartment. Owned by movie executives, the couple purchase art work close to its creation. They learn about the artist and the direction in which they head towards, as a result, help to track the rising stars like Ernesto Caivano, Ellen Gallagher, Laura Owens, and Kara Walker.

Design by Vicente Wolf, it’s a little heavy for my taste, but instead of offering a white walls and a large empty room, Wolf has created a perfectly enjoyable ambiance to allow the occupants to appreciate art.

That, I like.


modern new york apartment

new york apartment

blue study room

new york apartment bedroom



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