The Right Foundation

Peeps, you might be well and truly surprised by today’s post, but let me tell you, although at times I don’t really care about make up, there is ONE thing I take very very seriously: Foundation.

In all honesty, I don’t put make up on to look prettier, I do it to increase my self confidence. Now that was a completely anti-feminist remark along with my “I do like doing the dishes at times”. But seriously, that 10 minutes of “beauty routine” fuels my vanity and ego like NOTHING else.

Thing is though, I don’t like put lots and lots of things on my face. I’m totally into the natural look, so I take extra care to find the right colour and texture more than anything else. You might think that’s easy, but it took me YEARS before I finally found the one. I’ll tell you about my Perfect Foundation a little later because I’m here to share with you two new foundations I just tried.

A friend who used to work at the Chanel makeup counter told me you should always have 2 different tone foundations. The lighter for the day and the darker for the night. If you use a light and thick foundation for night time, when someone takes a picture of use using flash, they will see considerable difference between your face and other parts of your body.

Oh you already keep 2 tones of foundation? Good for you.

The thing is, it’s harder to look for that 2nd foundation because I am not willing to spend a lot of money and I need it to be something that can be found in general drug store or chemists. So I tried two new Maybelline products and here are the results.


Fit Me Foundation

I love rectangular containers with simple layout and design, so I was immediately drawn to this product. It’s very easy to handle and open, like most foundation it’s easy for on the go. However, it doesn’t come with a pump so if you require control on the amount you pour out, then I seriously suggest you getting a pump separately. Or, you can use cotton buds and the like.


Fit Me divides their range of colours into 3 groups:

100 Series Light; 200 Series Medium; 300 Series Dark.

Generally I always go for the medium and the first one that I picked up to try it on my hand was the 235 Pure Beige.

As you can see, they have a good spectrum of both pink and yellow based foundations.


Now, here are only for the Asian girls who buy beauty products from drug stores only. Please please please try this on your face before you buy. Mostly because we always tend to pick a foundation with pink base. It looks almost the same when they are in the bottle, but it’s a world of difference on your face, over large surface area. TRUST ME.


Application wise, it was very smooth and light. So I can tell you when they said “Ultra Lightweight” on their ad, they meant it. When I was putting it on my hands, I was smudging it out as if I was putting handcream on, is that how I put makeup on my face? Not always. But it gave me an idea of the consistency of the product.

As you can see, it blend seamlessly onto my hand and it’s light and airy. Even though it blends in pretty well onto my hand, I normally go 1 shade lighter for my face.


As you can see for yourself, the foundation is very well priced. At only $18.95 I feel I should be two shade of this. Now I haven’t tried the concealer so I can’t comment on that, but from the price, I think I can take a chance.

Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation

I have huge problem with things out of a can, but I can very much understand for this purpose. It’s easy to get it out and it’s much lighter.


I suppose my problem with this series starts here. Most of the colours are pink based, so really it’s not fit for me. But that’s not to say it might not be good for many many other girls.


I thought this was somewhat disastrous, consider how easy the ad made it out to be. Unlike those liquid foundation out of the bottle, this foam thing is quite hard to control. I almost felt like I was controlling a can of whipped cream. For something which you may not require a huge amount of, this one you need to learn to get used to.

That’s not all, I really didn’t like the way it dissolves onto my skin. Yes I used the word dissolves. Honestly, when I put on my other foundation, it almost just disappears, which to me is exactly how I want foundation to be.

With this one, I feel like I really have to pile it on, I mean sure I can throw all the excess away, but whatever is there on my hand is not doing the job I’m expecting it to do.


As you can see in the first image, it’s $22.95 here in Sydney. I wouldn’t say that’s super cheap, but in comparison to the Fit Me Foundation, I’d say, don’t even bother with this one!


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