Photography Challenge: Day 15 – Silhouette

Okay, I haven’t been posting photos everyday. My bad. But seriously, this Silhouette is such a challenge. I took various shots of me, flowers, plants, buildings. Non of them I feel crazy about.

Until I landed on Facebook today. So first, let me tell you, the photo you’ll see is not what I took today. Yes I cheated, but it’s one of my favourite pics.

So there’s a story to this pic and it starts in the middle of my 3rd year in college. Glen Murcutt, who is a famous Australian architect came teach our class that year and he took us on a 5 day camping trip. No we didn’t really camp for 5 days, we camped onsite for 1 day 1 night and traveled the rest.

Before this, I never really appreciated Australian dessert landscape. I didn’t understand the beauty of flat land. I mean, hello! Flat land!?? What is interesting about that?

Well, so the second day of our trip to almost Central Australia we stopped in the middle of this flat land to pick up some firewood.  How flat? Well I remembered nothing but red sand, the setting sun and us. Just miles and miles of red sand. At those times, you stop to you think about just how small you are.

While we were having WAYYY too much fun posing for our shadows, a friend took a picture of us:

Central Australia landscape

Check out how cool we were.

I’m third from the left, trying to take a photo of the shadow. In case you’re interested here is what I got:

central australia landscape

Sorry about the poor quality.

Then, we arrived in Mutawintji National Park. It was simply amazing.

I don’t know how other people describes the landscape, but I found that it constantly amazes me. A small hill in the distance becomes a mountain when you come close; and a tall tree in the distance is actually shorter than you when you stand next to it; and the wind carries your voice over to another that are problem hundred metres away, but sounds like they are standing next to you.

It was a great experience camping in the plains, and I would not have done it on my own, but being there with so many friends made the experience so much more exciting.


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