Photography Challenge: Day 16 – A good habit

My good habit starts from a bad habit. Actually I shouldn’t say ‘habit’ because I consider ‘bad memory’ as a disability. Something somewhere inside my brain there is a wiring issue which causes me not to remember certain things. Thing is, my bad memory is only bad for certain things like keys, wallet, mobile; however, I can remember things that my boyfriend seems to forget (or he just chooses to).

Either way, to overcome this disability, I write most of my things down. I find that the process of writing things down also helps me remember, because writing is so  much more troublesome than typing. And I top of that I love writing.

photography challenge

So at my desk in the office or home, I have numerous notepads and notebooks around. This notebook here however is the one that gets most amount of abuse. It’s been around for a good 2 years and it’s now full of sketches, sonnets, wedding plan ideas and chores I have to complete.

All I want for Christmas is a good notepad with nice writing paper.


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