Photography Challenge: Day 17 – Technology


Huge huge deal in my life. I got my parents onto it, and I think they can go back to the “old ways”. Sometimes though, they do still prefer the old ways, which is fine; however I always try to push them onto new technologies.

Everyone knows, technology progresses faster than I publish my blog posts, so the longer you stay with the old, the wider the gap you have with the new. That is, if one day you decide to pick it up, it’ll become harder and harder to catch up later on.

My analogy I used on my parents is that learning new technology is like paying off debt. If you pay off a little by little everyday, it’s much easier than paying off in one big chunk. Not the best analogy, but they understand money.

So here is a small party between the old and the new cables and ear phones.

Can you recognise which is which?

photo 2


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