Photography Challenge: Day 18 – Your shoes

Here’s a glimpse of my fairly tamed 9to5 work.

I always wear a pair of flats to and from work, but change to a pair of black heels once I’m there.

For my walking shoes, I usually switch up between my Nine West peep toe (shoe in picture) or a simple pair of black ballet flats.


You can probably tell how worn out the peep toe is, well, let me tell you, it is SOOOOO comfortable. And it’s nude colour, goes with EVERYTHING. I love it so much I went looking for the same pair, but sadly, they don’t have it anymore. So I bought the next best thing:

Jemmy nine west flats

Jemmy {Nine West}

I like it so much, I think this is what my wedding shoes will look like. My boyfriend hates peep toe, but he’ll just have to deal.

The sling back black heel is also from Nine West

black slingback work shoes

Currently on sale is Alist {Nine West}


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