Crepe in a tick

While I spend majority of my holiday at home being leisurely, I decided to satisfy my craving of crepe. It’s a bit of work, but luckily I can manage the help of ice cream and chocolate.

However, to show you this episode of home cooking adventure will be through my new favourite app: Typic.

To explain the app simply: It takes allows you to put filter AND text on the image. Which, really makes my life easier as I show you the step by step of making a crepe.

Like everything else that I do, this recipe is good because it’s easy. So here it goes:


1 Cup All purpose flour

1 tbsp white sugar

1 /4 tsp salt


2 cups milk

2 tbsp butter + more for pan

Topping of your choice

Step 1

how to make crepes

crepe recipe

crepe ingredients

banana & ice cream crepe

crepe recipe in images

step by step instructions

crepe images

crepe recipe

banana & ice cream crepe recipe

Original recipe taken from Ang Sarap.


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