Photography Challenge: Day 30 – Self Portrait

While I don’t have loads to show for the last day of our photography challenge, this is my summer party outfit.

The rule was: must wear coloured jeans. Well, I twisted the rule a lil and wore my only best white jeans. Not that I don’t have a pair of blue jeans, but I wore that few days ago and I felt the need to wear something different today.


This year has been an awesome year! I’m so thankful for every single person that stop by this blog and I look forward to grow and expand this side project of mine even further.

So many big things happened this year: Many of my friends got engaged and married, I myself got engaged, changed jobs, my bf discovered just exactly HOW MUCH I love Ryan Gosling. (He needs to know before he says his vows.)

So guys, this is the last post from me, and trust me I really want to write more, but it’s Party o’clock, so I had to share this from my phone.

Have a safe but awesome NYE, speak to ya in 2013!


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