Happy New Year! More Gosling and Fassbender


What do you know, it’s 2013!!! It’s incredible isn’t it? How time flies? I swear I remember last year’s Christmas as if it was 2 weeks ago. Oh it was?? Hum.

Well, as more and more of my friends prepare to get married this year, my own wedding planning will also slowly pick up its pace. In this coming year, you’ll be sure to catch lots of wedding planning stuff. Of course, I would post at a humanly tolerable paces, but I’m not guaranteeing about anything.

AND COUNT ON ME to post more men’s stuff, like Ryan Gosling or Michael Fassbender or just….hot guys. Mostly, I’ll be sharing lots of posts of my perspectives on men’s outfits and what I think is occasion appropriate clothes.

Finally, I would want to slowly unveil a small project I’ve been working on, maybe towards the end of the year (that is besides my wedding and this blog) and hopefully, it’ll come out sooner rather than later.

In the mean time, I would like to share with you something I came across only very recently: the GQ Cover Portfolio. It’s basically the archive of GQ covers over 50 YEARS!!!!! And it only just include really hot men and women. In suits or practically naked. So, while I go and prepare for my second blogs of the year, feast your eyes on this, and take a few hours to go through this page. Yes I did just typed HOURS.

GQ Cover


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