Road trip!

At the end of this month, I’ll be going on a road trip with a bunch of friends to from Adelaide to Melbourne. In case you don’t know, Adelaide is about 1,400 km away from Sydney. That’s about 870 miles, which is about 17 hours of non-stop driving.

The first and last time I went there was with my parents. Yep, just the 3 of us. I was about 17 and my parents just bought a new 4 wheel drive and my dad wanted to take it for a test drive. So we test drove it 1400 km.

It’s funny how we remember things. Sometimes, we remember not the most exciting or the most spectacular events, but we latches onto those seemingly insignificant details. And I remember that on Day 2 of our road trip, we were on this endless country road. The road stretched for miles and miles away, dividing the red sand that has come to define the Australian landscape. In the distance was these greyish clouds.

road trip landscape

By this point, we our family have exhausted every topic that we could think of, so no one said a thing. Suddenly my dad shouted: “Hey! Let’s chase that cloud!”. So my mum and I sat up on our seats and got super excited. Next thing you know, we were  driving CRAZY fast, down this long and wide country road, to chase this cloud that wasn’t going anywhere really.

It was so awesome.

I think that’s when I started to like road trips; so when we decided to organise this trip, it was really exciting for me. Mostly because I slightly wanted to re-live that experience and also it’ll be fun to go on a road trip with friends.

As the holiday edges closer, I begin to do what I love doing most: make lists!!!! So, clearly, this travel checklist which I made previously won’t do considering I really won’t be needing half the things there! So here is my new travel list that I will be using, please let me know if there is anything else you think I should be bringing along (Nerf guns anyone??). And hopefully you might find this helpful too!



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