Amazing Pocket Squares

With more and more men understanding the power of a tailored suit, I feel like I can look forward to a bright future filled with tastefully dressed men. Inspired by Project 40‘s recent post, I decided to show the available pocket squares out there.

Very few men I know have dared to pocket this, but I think those with attention to details won’t pass.

pocket squares

1. Drake’s Polka Dot Pocket Square {Mr. Porter}; 2. Green Dot Pocket Square {TopMan}; 3. Silk Pocket Square {Brooks Brothers}; 4. Light Blu Striped Pocket Square {Steve & Co}; 5. Simonnot Godard Woven Triple Stripe Pocket Square {Barneys NY}; 6. Bird Printed Pocket Square {ASOS}; 7. Satin Neat Pocket Square {Ralph Lauren}; 8. J.Z. Richards Polka Dot Pocket Square {Nordstrom}.


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