Stella McCartney: Autumn Winter 2013

Y’all should all know by now that I think Stella McCartney is all kind of amazing. I would wear a Chicken Suit if Stella says that’s what we’re in for her new season.

But seriously, like the previous resort selection which I amateurishly reviewed here, I’m not quite sure about some of the pieces. However, I must say they look so much better on those girls in the Pre-Fall show, standing by the fireplace, playing Scrabble, or being sketched by an artist. Without those tableau vivants as described by Vogue, it read like Shakespeare without footnotes.

Well, here is a glimpse of what Stella has given the world and my favourites. They are in no particular order, but that maroon coat outfit really reminds me of the recent collection from Celine. Don’t you think so???

For the entire collection, make sure you visit her website and don’t forget the sale section!

stella mccartney autum 13_01 stella mccartney autum 13_02 stella mccartney autum 13_03 stella mccartney autum 13_04 stella mccartney autum 13_05 stella mccartney autum 13_06 stella mccartney autum 13_07 stella mccartney autum 13_08

stella mccartney autum 13_09 stella mccartney autum 13_10 stella mccartney autum 13_11 stella mccartney autum 13_12 stella mccartney autum 13_13Image Source: 1, 2.


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