Wedding: Table Decoration Part II



For the second time in my life, I visited the Sydney Flower Market . One thing is for sure, I got there too late.

Yes, I got there before 11, and even though on the website they say you have to get there between 5am – 11am, I say you should try to get there between 5am – 9am. I arrived 9am SHARP and most of the vendors were already GONE! Of the 6 – 7 sellers left were desperately trying to clear their goods, but not all the flowers are in good quality.

Yes it was really cheap, I saw lots of 5 for $5 and 3 bunches of roses for $10 but they were by no means in top form. To make my trip worth while and accomplish what I really came for, I bought 3 bunches of roses ($10) and one bunch of Baby’s Breath ($10).

Before I go into what I’ve done with those flowers, let me mention one thing: Baby’s Breath stinks. *UPDATE: It stopped smelling bad after 1 day. So I think it’s safe to use it for your wedding.

Now, I’m so happy to be proven wrong here because I had as much love and faith in that flower as I have for Ryan Gosling (and we all know that’s a lot). But as soon as I picked it up, I thought: “Geez, where is that fertilizer smell coming from?” Well, it came from Baby’s Breath. I’m not sure if that’s what baby’s breath actually smells like, after all, they would have had lots of milk, but you know… I question. It could have been just that bunch. I rather blame myself than the flowers, it’s just that I want it to be perfect in every way so so badly.

Bad smell aside, they lived up to every expectations set by my Pinterest boards. It was easy to trim & style and it looked great paired with something else or simply on its own. So for me though, I wanted to see how long they last and how quickly I could pull everything together. That is, I’m looking at DIY the week (or day before if you’re crazy like me) the wedding.

Cut to the chase: Why DIY?

1. Florists are expensive; and

2. It’s not that hard doing it yourself (depends on what you want to do and size of the wedding of course).

Now, why not get a florist?? First, I haven’t won that $10 Million Lotto Jackpot, so that’s one reason. Secondly because I really think flowers for weddings are soooooo overpriced. Now, it is a piece of art so anything you pay can be justified, but for me, personally, I never REALLY notice the flowers held by the bride, or the boutonniere. The only flowers I do notice are the ones on the table, most probably because I stare at them throughout the reception. Guess what, my bf NEVER notices ANY flower, or any decoration. So after that last wedding we went to, I was like: “Hey you know those flowers such and such were holding cost $1000?” He’d be like: “Flowers? What flowers?”

Then on top of that, I don’t think it’s that hard to put these together yourself. Soooooo, here is something that I prepared a little earlier:

wedding flowers bouquets table decoration

Wedding Table Decoration01

I think it looks half decent and it’ll look amazing with better jars / vases.

Let me give you some small details about my wedding before you kill the ideas of florist altogether:

1. I like simple arrangements;

2. Flower decorations will only be for 15 tables;

3. I’m tight on budget.

So if you’re having a wedding catering for 400 people, or you want flowers EVERYWHERE, or you simply don’t have time; call a florist. Let them do everything for you and just enjoy their work of art.

Now, like I said, it’s really not that hard so I won’t put step by step instructions here; however I thought it’ll be good for those who are thinking about DIYing their flowers for their big day. Check out all the pictures and let me know if you’ve put together something similar as well.

Wedding Flower Decoration DIY

Wedding Table Decoration02 Wedding Table Decoration03 Wedding Table Decoration04 Wedding Table Decoration05 Wedding Table Decoration06 Wedding Table Decoration07

That was just one bunch of rose. Check out the other two bunches I’ve created. They’re all soft pink / pale pink roses.

Wedding Table Decoration08 Wedding Table Decoration09

But wait! There’s more!

That $10 bunch of Baby’s Breath was so large, after filling the other 3 jars, I had sooooo much left I filled another pickles jar.

Wedding Table Decoration11

Annnnnd here are the final numbers:

4 Glass Jars (old pickles & pasta sauce jars)

1 bunch of baby’s breath $10

3 bunches of roses $10

5 Minutes per jar

Final thoughts:

Brides to be like me and Tinker Photography had the idea of making our own flowers, well, to have full control of what the flowers will look like and also save on cost. My opinion so far is that DIY your own flower is totally plausible. Each creation took me about 5 minutes, for 15 tables it’d be around 2 hours. If you had a few friends over to help, get a production line going, you’d be done before you’re half way through one episode of Friends or Glee.

Can you do this the day before the wedding? I think you can. Someone else might beg to differ, since you might be running around doing 1 million other things. I suppose it’s about how organised you are!

In terms of the transport, just wrap them separately in paper and also in a box, so on the day, you can just ask your decorator / friend to place it into the jar!

Now, if you are seriously going to DIY I do suggest you take a few trips to the flower market or your local florist before hand. After all, you want to know:

1. How long do these flowers last? Because that will help you determine…

2. How long in advance can you prepare these flowers if you can’t do it the day before?

3. Will the flowers you chose be in season around your wedding?

4. If that florist just happened to be not close for the day or they close down altogether, what’s your backup plan?

5. Will you actually have problem transporting the flowers on the day?

6. And will that person who will put the flower together know how to arrange ’em since you won’t be there?

If there are any doubts and you don’t think you can handle it, CALL A FLORIST. But do try before you call.


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