Wedding Shoes

Quite honestly, I always thought looking for wedding shoes was really difficult. Not that there aren’t a HUGE amount of wedding shoes around, it’s just that there aren’t many ‘flat’ wedding shoes around.

I always knew I would be wearing a pair of nice flats, and not so long ago, I thought about wearing a current pair of Nine West flats seen  here that I absolutely adore because it’s insanely comfortable and (in my humble opinion) stylish. But knowing that a ‘shoe shot’ is a pretty standard photo in the wedding photo series, I really don’t think I should include a thoroughly worn and possibly dirty shoes EVEN IF I coat it in silver glitter.

Well, thankfully, there are heaps of options out there even though its not exactly ‘wedding’ shoes.




1. One Day {Nine West}; 2. Costarride {Nine West}; 3. Pointed Ballet {ASOS}; 4. Speakup {Nine West}; 5. Jemmy {Nine West}; 6. Khaki Studded Slipper {ASOS}; 7. Wantmeback {Nine West}; 8. Frenzy Leather Flats {ASOS}; 9. Bowtie Flats {BHLDN}; 10. Bowtie Flats {BHLDN}; 11. Radiant Sandals {BHLDN}; 12. Satin Ballet Flats {BHLDN}.


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